Vision & Mission Statement


To provide a lifelong haven for our members, their families and guests where they can enjoy social, dining and recreational activities in outstanding facilities, with an experienced and courteous staff, consistent with the expectations of our culture and traditions.


To be a premiere, full service, family oriented, private country club committed to excellence. 

  • Mission Principles

      • Clubhouse and athletic facilities are attractive and well maintained.
      • Food and beverage quality and service consistently meet or exceed members' expectations.
      • Golf course is known for excellence, is in top condition, and access to the course, speed of play and amount of play are appropriately controlled.
      • Tennis facility is known for excellence and is maintained in top condition.
      • Members receive courteous, friendly and efficient service from Club staff.
      • We maintain the integrity and high standards of our membership admissions process.
      • Club maintains a sound financial condition.
      • We have a professional staff experienced in private country club management and service.
      • We employ individuals who are carefully hired, well trained and valued as assets to the Club.


      • We have an outstanding, well maintained 18 hole golf course and practice facility. We have outstanding racquet and swimming facilities.
      • We have outstanding fitness facilities with state of the art equipment well maintained and professionally managed.
      • We offer an array of dining and banquet experiences on a daily basis in a variety of settings.
      • We have a sufficient number of social and recreational events and activities for members and their families throughout the year.


      • We offer athletic, social and recreational activities for both members and their families.
      • We encourage members, their families and guests to dine at the Club and use the facilities.
      • We encourage existing members' children to join the club having an initiation fee and dues structure which allows them to become Legacy members and eventually active member. 


      • Member satisfaction
      • Membership backlog/waiting list
      • Membership participation and utilization of our facilities
      • Financial condition of the Club
      • Appearance of our facilities
      • Reputation of our Club in the community
      • Membership stability/turnover
      • Staff retention